How Does Modern Day Dog Kennel Look Like

Importance of kennel for dogs

Kenneling your dog is almost an art. Dealing with the big dog reluctance to kennels is one thing. Dealing with crying of puppies in its crate is another. Regardless of age, breed and size, no dog would like its kennel on day one. It is upon us to make kennels fun. Keeping dog in kennel is not as easy as 1-2-3. There are some procedures to follow. You need to practice a few habits and training. The kennel plays a crucial role too. It should warm up to your dog real quick. Its location should be pleasing to the dog.

Modern day kennel…

Modern day kennel is not the same wooden structure in the yard anymore. They come with a lot of features and customizations. You can accessorize it for awesomeness. Dog owners splurge a lot of cash into kennel these days. Nevertheless you can build a top notch kennel on limited budget too. Metal dog kennels are synonymous with enclosures. Those are not cages that we were used to see a few decades back. It offers dogs a confined space to have fun. It helps keep them safe and enclosed, when dog owners entertain a few guests. The provide ambience to the houses too.

Why modern day kennel appeals to most dog owners?

  • Ease of Assembly: An advanced kennel assembles in a matter of minutes. You don’t need special tools or expertise. All it needs is to make it stand and let the pins fall in place.

  • Safety of the dog: The metal used in build doesn’t allow chewing. The dog can’t dig through or climb with its paws. It helps avoid injuries.

  • Comes in all sizes: The commonly used height is 6 feet. When it comes to area covered, you can have wide range of measures. With more and more frames, you can keep expanding the kennel.

  • Shade & protection: You can provide canvas shade and protection for you dog. It comes in handy during chilly winters. The side cover helps escape the sun and dust.

  • Digging prevention: Digging prevention system installed in modern day kennel counts as a plus. It stops dogs from tunneling out and prevents other animals from intruding.

  • Total enclosure: You can opt for a total enclosure with removable roofing. You can use a netted top frame for air circulation. Peaked and expanded metal roof offers optimal space.

  • Dog houses: Dog houses are wooden structure that protects your dog/s from the cold. It can be as simple as a dog den, when dealing with just one dog or a puppy.

  • Septic system: Septic system comes as a feature in any modern day high end kennel. It provides for easy and eco-friendly waste disposal. With a dog waste scooper, things get real easy.

  • Food dispensers: Kennel mounted food dispenser makes feeding feel like a breeze. There is no need to fight your dog at the gates when keeping food. Attached food bowels compliments food dispensers system.

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