Dogs Life is best and better in the kennel!!


Dog’s life is not easy to live. There are many problems occur for dogs either they home a dog or a strict dog. Dogs love the freedom to live life. The dog is a perfect example of selflessness, unconditional love. Freedom is right to everyone life. Just living life is not enough you should sunshine like the sun. Dogs never ask for money or not expect anything with you they’re just happy to be with you. Dogs always fight for you no matter the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dogs. Never packed them in the home or any of the best dog kennels.

Dog’s health

Dogs are eco-friendly in nature. Keeping dogs in kennels makes them crazy. By this dogs going through many types of issues. Some of them are as follow:-

  • Temporary mental illness- Dogs are very sensitive. If you keep them in a kennel when they suffer from extreme stress.
  • Effects of solitary confinement- you should keep in mind that dogs are helping hands for us. Keeping them in a kennel can cause solitary confinement.


Advantages of keeping Dogs in a kennel

There is various add-on advantages of keeping dogs in the kennel. Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • As we human needs big and space in life. Similarly, dogs also need this. The kennel is the best place for them to have enough space within it. Inside kennel, you can feed dogs with food, water, toys. You can also arrange a bed for them inside a kennel.

The kennel is the safe and comfortable place for your dogs. Keeping dogs in Kennel is keeping the same from other animals. It will also protect them from rain, heat, sunlight. It protects them from any kind of harm


According to this website, there are various disadvantages of keeping dogs in the kennel. Some are as follows:-

  • The time commitment is necessary. If the dog is kept in kennel always he will not able to do exercise on regular basis.
  • Dogs love to be in a kennel but not always. They need freedom like us. They need open space like the park to play and walk. If you don’t have open space outside your house. It’s better not to buy dogs.
  • Cost matters a lot. If you can afford food from your income then it’s better to keep the dog. Dogs are living animals. They need healthy food as like we needs.
  • Except that you need to go to a veterinarian for regular checkup. If your dog is healthy than at least ones you might visit there.
  • If you are going for a trip suppose for a few days also. You need someone who can take care of your dogs. Always keep that person who has some knowledge of taking care of dogs.



There should always be hope to train a dog faithfully. One can spend time with dogs. A family dog is always loyal to you. They will never harm you. They need your love and affection only. They are the best buddies of yours. If you are depressed they will sit beside you and will lie on your lap.

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